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Hi, I'm Negroni.
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If you ever get that sluggish feeling more times you’d care to mention or you’re yawning post 3pm wondering how long until bed, this one’s for you.

I am a certified health coach, but I have no food imagination and I’m a pretty lousy cook. My family will testify to all of that. What I am good at, however, is knowing how to change behaviour and attitude about health to create energy and vibrance even on the darkest of days. And this starts with M.E.D.S.

I first heard about M.E.D.S from Nicholas Bate, a speaker I booked at a corporate event I ran who blew me away with his simplicity. He said, for success in anything, make sure you nurture the following:

Meditation. Whatever form that takes for you.

I’m not a sit cross legged on the floor mediation girl, but I am a walking meditation girl. I walk outside, maybe with a dog or two and take in the nature around me. The veins on the leaves, the breeze in my hair or the change of the seasons and I make sure I slow down. In any given day, I will always walk somewhere, so can always practice my form of mediation. Find what works for you, not what you think you should be doing. Just give your brain a break.


It might be just that walk, it might be yoga at home or at a class or it might be a full on gym session. Whatever works for you, do it. Not doing something is not an option. Why? We’re designed to walk 15 miles a day, of course I’m not suggesting that, but I always recommend an average of 10K steps per day over a week. It keeps our organs in better shape, it brightens our mood and it gives us more energy. What you enjoy will change as you get older. I hated running with a passion all my life until I hit 47, then I ran a marathon.


I follow a simple rule, the less processed the better. Stick to organic where I can and don’t eat a lot of red meat. And drink more water than I think I need to. Hydration is a game changer for energy, cognitive function, digestion and sleep. I’ll have clean eating weeks and I’ll have indulgent days, all in moderation. The most important thing for me is to eat slowly, make a ‘meal’ of it (sit down) chew my food and stop eating when I’m 7/10 full. The less stress I put on my digestive system, the better.


I stop eating at least 2 hours before going to bed to allow my body to naturally detox through the night, it makes a huge difference to my skin, my hair and my mood. If I go through patches of bad sleep I have a bath before bed, keep my room cool with a window open and a notepad by my bed so I can write down anything that comes to mind so I can stop thinking about it. I spray lavender on my pillows and make sure I’ve taken my magnesium supplements. If exercise is not part of your daily routine, your sleep will be of low quality. Go for that walk or run and see how your sleep improves.

It’s a simple formula, I live by it. I hope it helps you too.

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