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On a recent trip to Portugal, we visited the Buddha Eden, which was created in response to bombing of the Giant Buddhas of Bamyan in the Afghanistan in 2001. It was an incredibly peaceful place, with the watchful eyes of the many buddha’s at every turn.

The thing that struck me the most, was the sheer volume of ‘lucky’ coins that covered the ‘buddha of health’. The rest were relatively unscathed, even the buddha of wisdom was given a wide berth (which perhaps says all you need to know). I’m sure this was a combination of prayers for the sick and hope for the healing, but what if it was an outsourcing of responsibility for our most precious asset?

Is it a case of it’ll never happen to me, or just one of I’ll get round to it when I get older? Or I’ll get help when I need it, I’m sure they’ll be a pill that’ll sort me out. Health can often seem like the thing that will always be around, even if we pay it little attention. So how do you get to the wonderful place of not leaving it until your health wants to slap you around the face so you sit up and listen?

But first, what springs to mind when you think of your health? Is it just about your body, or do you include emotions, mindset, finances, relationships….?

For me (being the positive woman I am) it’s anything and everything that has the potential for expansion and growth.

Health is (apart from the obvious LIFE) the beating heart of energy that creates our innovation, big thinking and big action. It gets us fired up, geared up and powered up to make plans, stick to plans and exceed plans. How many times have you started a new project of any kind and felt sure this was going to be a breeze it felt so good, only to be questioning it’s validity or your abilities a few weeks later (#impostersyndrome)? Or, how well do you really know yourself to create holistic success for the long haul? How do you keep yourself firing on all cylinders whilst seeking the marathon mindset (life being more marathon than sprint). Do you feel bad habits creeping in when you’re tired and carb craving or do you feel cranky with the loves in your life if you’ve hit the margarita’s a little too hard? How much work can you power through with ease and joy when you’re properly fuelled up and hydrated and how many people can you make smile with your magnetic energy when you feel truly good about yourself?

It all comes down to the health of you, your mindset and your plans, emotional, professional and otherwise.

If it feels like a daunting task to have health in all those areas of your life I’d ask you a simple question, how do you want to feel if it’s not healthy, successful, loving and in control?

The place to start is here, your goal is not to be healthy, your goal is to live with a health mindset. If you lived a fully fledged, healthy, happy and successful, loved up, powered up and geared up kind of life, how would you think? How would you plan? How would you behave towards yourself and those around you?

If you grabbed a piece of paper and had two columns, the left being how you are now, and the right being the healthy rockstar version of you, what would be the difference in all the area’s of your life? What actions could you take now to start closing the gap, one day at a time? Knowledge is power if you then take some action to close the gap.

I’d start here, with the wheel of your healthy life. It’ll help you work out what your gaps are and get your healthy life ideas flowing. Don’t be the person pining your hopes on the buddha of health when you can take action right now and positively change anything you put your mind to. Next

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