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The Body Belief 3xi Method®
Discover a new way to attract feelings of outstanding

I do what I do because your body becomes your benchmark.

It's a tangible indicator of your overall success and progress. When your body feels great, anything is possible. When it doesn't, energy leaks, fatigue sets in and over eating the wrong stuff is 99% on the cards. When you focus on specific and measurable aspects of your well-being, evaluating improvements and adjusting your strategies, celebrating your successes becomes inevitable.  

And this is far too important to leave up to chance.

You want to feel like you did in your 30's. I think you're underselling yourself. You can feel better. Yes hormones are the gift that keep on giving, but there's solutions for that. How you approach life now, is 100% up to you. You aren't 'most women' (no woman is). 

don't get caught up in the trends that put you in that box.

I’ve been there & helped women across the globe achieve outstanding results.

I was horrified that midlife came at such a price. My mother never made it to midlife, and I started mine abruptly through one of my chemotherapy infusions. I went in with ovaries that worked and came out with ovaries that had hung up their boots. I was classed as a geriatric mother aged 37, yet I gave birth in 4 hours flat and was back in my jeans 3 weeks later. I stunned doctors and nurses with how I handled my body whilst it underwent its toughest test when I had cancer. I went from barely being able to walk to running 2 marathons. I'm not special, I'm just determined. I've put that determination into a method of living, that I know will work as well for you.



A flexible yet structured framework that slots into life.

Emotion-free attachments
without forced feelings

A new and abundant take on food that screams freedom.

Soulful and spontaneous  moments - big and small

— You’re in the right place. 

I see a lot of conflicting noise —


Everyday we're bombarded with what we should and should not be consuming. It's time to take back control of what works for your body, your health and your lifestyle. 

When we work together, we cover everything. It's not just about your body, it's about your mind, habits and behaviours. I blend essential nutrition with optimising your hormones and building new habits and behaviours to achieve your goals. 

body belief lifestyle


Intentions call to map out the journey.

We want to find a perfect match; mindset and behaviour + goal attainment. The Portal where full and unencumbered access The Hormone Lab, Body Lab and Habit Lab are all yours.


In Detail - Daily tracking and evaluation

As a professional in an unregulated industry, I dedicate my expertise to get you results. Show me your diet and I'll show you the beliefs that have to shift.


Integration: Transforming what it means to love your body.

You can't heal what you hate. Integration is the secret sauce to make forever habit change alongside nutritional gold. 


A body you can like, love, can't get enough of. 

You get access to The Portal; The Hormone Lab and The Body Lab and The Habot Lab. I guide you through creating the right framework for you whilst unraveling old beliefs and behaviours. All by tracking your diet daily and coaching you through what your body needs to thrive.


A reframed story of what's been, what's now and what's coming.

Our programming (how we came about our beliefs and identity) inform our decisions, actions and results. Want different results, need to work on a software update (aka updating beliefs for different results).


A handle on your hormones to benefit from balance.

Hunger hormones, stress hormones, sex hormones, we've got it all going on. They can all in their own way throw you off balance, it's our job to get them back doing what they do best. 

“Alex has connected the dots. My body, my money, my drive, are all connected.” 

— 3xi




I work with a small number of private clients a month and run a waitlist when I'm full. 


Body Belief 3XI:  Monthly - $1500 / 3 Monthly $4000

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Frequently asked questions

is it all about food and diet?

No. The Method comprises of 3 parts; The Body lab (diet and food), The Hormone Lab (optimising hormone balance) and The Habit Lab (habits and behaviour).

Why do you work by the month?

Everyone's needs are different and one size does not fit all. If I can get you Body Belief quickly, you won't want a lengthy program weighing you down.

are diet plans included?

Not as such. We look at what's working, change what's not and create a framework of the foods you know make you thrive. I do talk recipes, but as a reluctant cook, I eat good food more put together than artfully prepared. 

Do you work weekends?

All my clients have needed a little weekend 1:1 inspo from time to time and that's always included in our working agreement.  

if I buy one session and want more, is there a discount?

Yes! If you purchase the Lifestyle & Diet session and decide you want a 1:1 program, you only pay the difference. For eg. 1 session $499, 1 month Lifestyle $1500, if you buy 1 session but then want a whole month (within 3 months after) you pay difference.

why have an inquiry call first?

You'll have questions, I've got questions and ultimately you want to know if I'm the right coach for you and I want to know if you're the right client for me. 

Known for professional, timely transformation *and* stunning results, because you shouldn't have to wait to have a body you love. 

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