imagine feeling at home in your body

Our process lets you focus on that, not the other stuff. I get into the detail fast, you have a transformation and we integrate until it's just who you are.

The Body Belief® 3xi

A Tailored Process — Iconic Results.

You want to know what to eat without needing to be a culinary whizz or have a degree in nutrition. Because you want to feel on top form from dawn til dusk (or the other way around). You want to manage a weight that gives you pleasure in the every day, have expansive energy that matches your expansive mind, have a handle on your hormones and a mindset to make forever habit change.

That's what I do. 


you track: I analyse

You record what you eat and drink daily incorporating a mood score at the end of the day and I analyse your food based on that score and my nutritonal knowhow. 


Create a baseline

The data we gather shows what works for your body and what does not. I create a framework based on what does to include protein that gives you energy, fibre and good fats.


Get clear on cravings

When you eat well and nourish your body effectively, snacks are emotional and cravings are messages. And this is where the magic lies, unlock the power of your emotional health whilst falling back in love with your body.


“Alex spotted things I'd missed that made THE difference. My energy flowed, my body felt good and it wasn't hard .”

—Past Client

“Alex showed me hidden beliefs that had been 'hating' my body with strategies and tools to turn that around”

— Past Clients


Apply for the Body Belief® 3xi

Due to my hands on personalisation, I only work with a set number of clients per month. 

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Intentions Call

All the why's and the what's. Having a strong intention is critical to your success. What have you tried before, why now, what worked, what didn't and why did it stop? What's been holding you back?

In Detail

You track daily using The 3xi® tracker. I evaluate, spot nutritional gaps, resistance to change and hidden beliefs. You get real time behaviour change to make change happen right away. It's daily on purpose to create consistency.


You have access to me for the time we're working together, via calls, email and message. If you need a call every week, great, if you need more, great, if you need less, great. It's tailored to integrate these changes for good.


You deserve to *enjoy* your body — it's your home!

You can't heal what you hate. When you enjoy the skin you're in, everything feels different.

The best inspiration comes from life, not from comparison.

Just because it works for 'them' doesn't mean it will work for you. Comparison is the theft of joy.

I love it when you bring me your thoughts, then trust in the reason you hired me.

I help you see your thoughts in ways you've never seen them before. 

It's not age, it's approach that matters.

Why does age bother us so much (or was that just me?) at 53 I still feel 32. My approach is the key.

Trust me – a great juicer is worth its weight in greens.

Juicing is good. It's not the only good thing in the world, but it works for me and for anyone I ever mention it to (and that's a lot).

Have the life you want, not the life they want.

Menopause is hormonal, it's not life. Get your hormones sorted and then live the life you want, not the life anyone else thinks is the one for you.

I see a lot of 'diet' programs —

body belief is in a class of its own

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.


My specialty when it comes to your health is as follows, and you can expect a standard of excellence, communication, and coaching.

Q. Do you give medical advice?

I'm a health coach with an expertise in habit change and essential nutrition to enable you to make significant change both physically and emotionally. I have worked with leading menopause experts worldwide so I can advise on symptoms so you can be better informed when speaking to your menopause doctor.

Q. How do I know this will work for me?

The Body Belief Method® is a proven process, if followed, it will work. However, change is hard and emotions run deep, it can take on average 66 days for a new behaviour to take root in your brain, when you give yourself some grace, anything is possible. 

Q. Do you have a guarentee?

Of course. With all 1:1 work, when the the work, recommendations and tracking is actioned and you don't get what you came for, Alex will coach you for free until you do. All digital programs are non refundable due to the nature of instant downloadable features. 

Q. What kind of timescales do you work to?

I work on a rolling monthly basis. Everyone is different and has different needs. I'm results focused and don't buy into lengthy programs if they are not needed. 

Q. Do you offer one off sessions?

Yes, Resetters is a one-off session that includes the Resetter Manual. 

Q.Why are you so big on evaluation and integration?

It's one the secrets to your success, that's why.