The Body Belief Method® lets you focus on that, not the other stuff. Essential Nutrition, habit change and hormones function.


A Tailored Process — Iconic Results.

The Body Belief Method® is a 3-step proven process; track, evaluate and integrate. The method is clear, but the implementation is tailored to you. We all learn in different ways, that's why you've got The Portal where you'll find The Hormone Lab, Body lab and Habit Lab. 

Success happens through knowledge, evaluation and integration. It's how we uncover hidden beliefs and create rock solid habits. 


the hormone lab

Master the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse; leptin, grehlin, cortisol and insulin. Learn about oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone and what their decline means for you. 



Essential nutrition, learning the 7-steps to a better body; lose weight, eat for energy, stay full all day, conquer your cravings and leave the icky blood sugar rollercoaster dips behind. 


the habit lab

The 4-steps to uncover hidden beliefs, the equation that makes change happen (when it wasn't possible before) and the solution to transform your body legacy for good. 


After Your Application

Alex will be in touch, arrange a meeting over Zoom to discuss all things you. 

And then we begin

When a space is available, you have a kick off call with Alex, start daily tracking and get full and unencumbered access to The Portal. 

Evaluation, Integration and habit change

Daily evaluation (5 days per week)spotting nutritional gaps and resistance. This is where the magic happens. 

Results and Contact

A call when you need some inspired body belief,. message access and exceptional results. 


You deserve to *enjoy* your body — it's your home!

You can't heal what you hate. When you enjoy the skin you're in, everything feels different.

The best inspiration comes from life, not from comparison.

Just because it works for 'them' doesn't mean it will work for you. Comparison is the theft of joy.

I love it when you bring me your thoughts, then trust in the reason you hired me.

I help you see your thoughts in ways you've never seen them before. 

It's not age, it's approach that matters.

Why does age bother us so much (or was that just me?) at 53 I still feel 32. My approach is the key.

Trust me – a great juicer is worth its weight in greens.

Juicing is good. It's not the only good thing in the world, but it works for me and for anyone I ever mention it to (and that's a lot).

Have the life you want, not the life they want.

Menopause is hormonal, it's not life. Get your hormones sorted and then live the life you want, not the life anyone else thinks is the one for you.

I see a lot of health programs —

BODY BELIEF is in a class of its own

No woman leaves without the change she came for.


My specialty when it comes to your health is as follows, and you can expect a standard of excellence, communication, and coaching.

Q. Do you give medical advice?

I'm a health coach with an expertise in habit change and essential nutrition to enable you to make significant change both physically and emotionally. I have worked with leading menopause experts worldwide so I can advise on symptoms so you can be better informed when speaking to your menopause doctor.

Q. How do I know this will work for me?

The Body Belief Method® is a proven process, if followed, it will work. However, change is hard and emotions run deep, it can take on average 66 days for a new behaviour to take root in your brain, when you give yourself some grace, anything is possible. 

Q. Do you have a guarentee?

Of course. With all 1:1 work, if you don't get what you came for, Alex will coach you for free until you do. All digital programs are non refundable due to the nature of instant downloadable features. 

Q. What kind of timescales do you work to?

Are you new to belief work? If you are it may take a little longer. A seasoned pro? You'll need more Body Lab than Habit Lab, it may be tweaks rather than a full overhaul. 

Q. Do you offer one off sessions?

Yes, the Customised Lifestyle and Diet protocols or Resetters can be booked as one off sessions.

Q.Why are you so big on evaluation?

It's one the secrets to your success, that's why.