I am a qualified health coach, but that’s not the reason why. Ever since I started coaching 10 years ago, it became apparent that as women, we’re more tangled up with our bodies than our male counterparts. When our bodies feel good, in flow, and fully functioning, we’re more successful, have more fun, more confidence and are more likely to challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. our relationships are better and we don’t take any shit. Generally.

When our bodies are not feeling good, we’ll opt for the path of least resistance, we’ll stay dissatisfied and and accept that ‘out of sorts‘ feeling as just how it is. We’ll push past boundaries that are getting trampled and our work will be more average than outstanding. I know which I’d rather feel, not only for me, but for all of my clients.

I qualified as a health coach for mainly personal reasons. Up until the age of 42, I’d put my health in the back seat. I was young, had always been a reasonable weight, had a lot of energy and never really gave it a second thought. I was busy, had a young family, a big job and believed I didn’t have enough time to think about what I was eating, drinking, because I knew I drank probably too much, and don’t get me started on what I smoked.

It changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer twice in the same year. The shock sent me into an elimination spiral and I radically changed my diet overnight. Suddenly what I put into my body really mattered. I researched every single food group and the effects it would have on my cancer, on chemotherapy, what supplements could help, what could hinder. I was all over it. For about 18 months anyway.

When the treatment was over, I was desperate to find my normal again. And it was at that point I saw some old habits come back to bite me in the ass, which is why I added health coaching to my arsenal of qualifications. At mastery level. Because it’s not actually what we eat, it’s who we are when we’re doing it and how we’re doing it. It’s the thought errors we have about our health, our bodies and how inextricably linked they are to our holistic selves.

So whatever I’m coaching a client on, be it business, relationships or confidence, I always start with where they’re at in their health first. As women, menopause can be a bitch, knowing the in’s and out’s and options in advance is crucial to a smooth transition. My health coaching background saved my own menopause, which was brutal by the way, and it helps countless clients now.

So don’t be alarmed if I go off piste and talk about supplements, energy levels of my feel good naked test, it’s all designed to help you and your confidence rock.

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